About Kwe-laChirp

Grey go-away birdI’ve been a field guide for more than 8 years and a nature site guide facilitator for more than 3 years and have always had a passion for nature and wildlife since the age of 6 years. It always frustrated me when doing a game walk or drive with guest or students and then be asked what bird sound it is without me knowing.

The reason behind naming the website Kwe-laChirp is after the Grey Go-away bird known in Afrikaans as the Kwêvoël.  It was one of those birds that after 5 years working in Hoedspruit drove me to tears for getting woken up on so many occasions by that all too familiar…Kweee sound.  Now living in Cape Town I must admit that I miss the wake-up call from the Grey go-away bird.  My chirping alarm is now coming from my cell phone to trick me in thinking I’m still in the bush.


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