Phalacrocorax carbo (White-breasted cormorant)

Phalacrocorax carbo (White-breasted cormorant) [= Phalacrocorax carbo]  Witborsduiker [Afrikaans]; Ugwidi (generic term for cormorants) [Xhosa]; iWonde [Zulu]; Nkororo (generic term for cormorant) [Kwangali]; Timeletsane-botha [South Sotho]; Ngulukwani [Tsonga]; Timêlêtsane [Tswana]; aalscholver [Dutch]; Cormoran à poitrine blanche [French]; Weißbrustkormoran [German]; Corvo-marinho-de-faces-brancas [Portuguese] Distribution and habitat Occurs in patches of sub-Saharan Africa; in southern Africa it is common in…

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