Scleroptila levaillantii (Red-winged francolin) 

Scleroptila levaillantii (Red-winged francolin)  [= Francolinus levaillantii] Rooivlerkpatrys [Afrikaans]; Intendele (generic term for francolin), Isakhwatsha [Xhosa]; iNtendele (generic term for francolin) [Zulu]; Khoale (generic term for francolins and spurfowls) [South Sotho]; Roodvleugel-frankolijn [Dutch]; Francolin de Levaillant [French]; Rotflügelfrankolin [German]; Francolim-d’asa-vermelha [Portuguese] Identification The ‘grassland francolins’ (genus Scleroptila), which include the Orange River, Grey-winged, Red-winged and Shelley’s…

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